3. Core Interpreter and Startup Library

All functions available at startup within the default environment lsh/lushenv.lsh are described here. This includes the core interpreter functions, library functions defined in sys/sysenv.lsh , and all the files in lsh/libstd (loaded at startup).

3.20. Obsolete Functions

Functions described in this section are largely obsolete. They are included in the standard library for convenience and backward compatibility.

3.21. Outdated Documentation

This section contains documentation that is no longer maintained or exactly relevant to the current version or implementation of Lush. Some users may still find it useful.

7. Standard Libraries

Descriptions of all the libraries that are distributed with Lush, in the lsh directory, that are not loaded by default into the interpreter environment.

7.2. Graph Library

7.7. Tensor/Matrix/Vector/Scalar Libraries

8. Packages

Author(s): Yann LeCun

Packages are libraries that are not considered part of the standard library because they may not be available on all platforms or be useful to everybody. These are generally built around popular pre-existing C libraries that have been interfaced to Lush with a binding layer to facilitate their use in Lush applications.

Current packages include:

8.0. Numerical Packages

High-level interfaces to various numerical packages.

8.1. Machine Learning

Libraries for machine learning, statistical estimation, and pattern recognition.

8.2. Music, Audio, MIDI

High-level interfaces to audio, MIDI and music-related libraries.

8.3. Video grabbing

8.4. Images, Video, Multimedia, Graphics, Games

High-level interfaces to various libraries for processing images and videos, and for producing graphics, multimedia, and games.

8.6. Numerical Libraries (low-level interfaces)

These interface merely provide raw, low-level stubs to various libraries. Most users will probably have little use for these and will prefer the high-level interfaces.

8.7. Miscellaneous low-level interfaces

These are collections of stubs for various libraries.

8.8. Other Packages

9. Applications

Applications are Lush programs (generally with a graphical user interface) that are useful by themselves without any programming.

9.0. Graphic Tools

10. Tutorials