Author(s): Yann LeCun

states are the main objects used to store state variables in or between modules. (each-idx-slots o s f1 [f2...[fn]])

evaluates lists in f for all active idx slots of object o , (as returned by (==> o idx-slots)) with s successively taking the values of the slots in question. idx-state

an idx-state is a state that contains vector or matrix variables. (==> idx-state idx-slots)
[MSG] (packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh)

return the complete list of idx slots. (new idx-state [params])
[CLASS] (packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh)

create a new simple-state. if params is absent, the simple-state is left unsized. Otherwise params must be a list of integer (possibly empty), which will be used to determine the size of the object. params has the same meaning as the 2nd parameter of the functions new-index. (==> idx-state resize [list-of-dims])
[MSG] (packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh)

resize all the idx slots (as returned by idx-slots) list-of-dims is a list with p numbers specifying the size of the last p dimensions of each slot. If list-of-dim is absent, all the active slots are undimed.
See: (==> idx-state idx-slots) (==> idx-state undim)
[MSG] (packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh)

undim all the active idx slots of idx-state . (==> idx-state clear)
[MSG] (packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh)

fill all the active idx slots with zeroes
See: (==> idx-state idx-slots) (==> idx-state load s)
[MSG] (packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh)

fill slot x with content of file s (==> idx-state save s

save content of slot x into file s . (==> idx-state dump s

save the entire object into file s idx0-state
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx0-dstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx0-ddstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx1-state
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx1-dstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx1-ddstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx2-state
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx2-dstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx2-ddstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx3-state
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx3-dstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx3-ddstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx4-state
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx4-dstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) idx4-ddstate
(packages/gblearn2/gb-states.lsh) class-state

a special kind of state used to store the output of a classifier. class-state are generated by modules such as class-max, and used by meters such as classifier-meter. No backprop is possible through a class-state. lclass-state

a special kind of state used to store the output of a spatial classifier such as ledist-classer.