8.1.3. HTK: HMM ToolKit

Author(s): Fu Jie Huang

This is an interface to Cambridge University's Hidden Markov Model ToolKit. It's built on HTK version 3.1 , but also works with the current version 3.2.

HTK can be downloaded from http://htk.eng.cam.ac.uk . Installation

The Lush interface to HTK needs the library file HTKLib.xxx.a (xxx means the system, eg. linux), and associated header files. HTK is available in source code form. To compile and install it on Linux, follow the steps:
1. unpack the file HTK-3.1.tar.gz, and change directory into it
2. change to C-shell, and type "source ./env/env.linux"
3. change directory into HTKLib
4. type "make", a library file named "HTKLib.linux.a" will be generated
5. copy this library file into places like /usr/local/lib
5. copy the header files into places like /usr/local/include/htk/

Start Lush, and type:

       ? (libload "htk/htk")