dummy function that adds OpenCV C header files in C file (cvDistTransform src dst distype masksize mask labels)

 //    Name:     cvDistTransform
 //    Purpose:  calculates distance transform of binary image 
 //    Context:
 //    Parameters:
 //      src - source binary image
 //      dst - output floating-point image, whose pixel values are distances from
 //            the correspondend pixel in the source image to the nearest 0-pixel.
 //      distance_type - type of metric used
 //      maskSize - size of discrete aperture that approximates the metric; can be 3 or 5.
 //      mask - array of 2 (for 3x3 mask) or 3 numbers (for 5x5 mask) that characterizes
 //             metric if disType is CV_DIST_USER (user-defined metric)
  //     labels - 
 //    Notes:
 OPENCVAPI  void  cvDistTransform( const CvArr* src, CvArr* dst,
                                   int distance_type CV_DEFAULT(CV_DIST_L2),
                                   int maskSize CV_DEFAULT(3),
                                   const float* mask CV_DEFAULT(0),
                                   CvArr* labels CV_DEFAULT(NULL));