dummy function that adds OpenCV C header files in C file (cvFloodFill array seedpoint newval lodiff updiff comp connectivity)

 //    Name: cvFloodFill, cvFloodFill
 //    Purpose: The function fills the connected domain, starting from seed pixel
 //             while the pixel values in this domain are not far from each other.
 //    Context:
 //    Parameters:
 //      img        - initial image(in the beginning)
 //                   which is "repainted" during the function action,
 //      seedPoint  - coordinates of the seed point inside image ROI,
 //      newVal     - new value of repainted area pixels,
 //      loDiff, upDiff - maximal lower and upper differences of the values of
 //                   appurtenant to repainted area pixel and one of its
 //                   neighbour,
 //      comp       - pointer to connected component structure of the
 //                   repainted area
 //      flags      - The operation flags. Lower bits contain connectivity value, 
 //                   4 (by default) or 8, used within the function. Connectivity 
 //                   determines which neighbors of a pixel are considered. Upper
 //                   bits can be 0 or combination of the following flags:
 //                   * CV_FLOODFILL_FIXED_RANGE - if set the difference between
 //                     the current pixel and seed pixel is considered, otherwise
 //                     difference between neighbor pixels is considered (the range
 //                     is floating).
 //                   * CV_FLOODFILL_MASK_ONLY - if set, the function does not fill
 //                     the image (new_val is ignored), but the fills mask (that 
 //                     must be non-NULL in this case). 
 //      mask       - Operation mask, should be singe-channel 8-bit image, 2 pixels
 //                   wider and 2 pixels taller than image
 //    Notes:
 OPENCVAPI  void  cvFloodFill( CvArr* image, CvPoint seedPoint,
                               double newVal, double loDiff, double upDiff,
                               CvConnectedComp* comp, int connectivity CV_DEFAULT(4) );