8.5.3. USB to Radio Control (R/C) servos and transmitter interface

This class handles the control of R/C servos and PPM transmitter through the SC-8000 USB interface device from "Tom's R/C" http://www.tti-us.com/rc/ This allows the control of 8 R/C servos and 4 digital outputs. The "P" version also allows the control of an R/C transmitter through the trainer port. The communication protocol is described at the following URL: http://www.tti-us.com/rc/support-prog.htm Under Linux, the device appears as a serial port, with device names like /dev/ttyUSB0. The communication is 9600 baud, No Parity, 8 Data bits, 1 stop bit, no flow control (9600N81) (new tti8000 port)
[CLASS] (packages/devices/usb2rc.lsh)

create a new tti8000 object on port port . port is generally of the form /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyUSB1 , depending on which USB port the device is connected to. (==> tti8000 servo-ms servo ms)
[MSG] (packages/devices/usb2rc.lsh)

Set the pulse width for servo servo (which must be an integer between 0 and 7) to ms , a double indicating the width of the pulse in milliseconds. The valid range is 0.8 to 2.2. The midpoint for most servos is 1.5ms, and the full swing is between 1.0ms and 2.0ms. (==> tti8000 servo servo v)
[MSG] (packages/devices/usb2rc.lsh)

Set the position for servo servo (which must be an integer between 0 and 7) to v . v is a number between -1.0 and +1.0. Values between -1.2 and +1.2 are acceptable, but likely to overdrive the servo.