8.4.0. FFmpeg: Audio/Video Converter

The FFmpeg package uses the ffmpeg library to decode or encode audio or video files. This interface works with all the files types (avi, mov, mpg, asf, wmv, etc.) and all the codecs (mpeg, mpeg2, mpeg4, mp3, divx, h263, h264, etc.) supported by the ffmpeg library.


For detailed information on FFmpeg see the project pages at http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net . Video Decoding

To decode a video file, you must first create a VideoSource object using function av-open-video-source .
 ;; Create an avsource object
 (setq avsource (av-open-video-source "myfile.avi"))
You can then access all the frames using methods nextframe and get-frame-rgba .
 ;; Display all the frames
 (while (==> avsource nextframe)
   (rgb-draw-matrix 0 0 (==> avsource get-frame-rgba)) )