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More recent news

2007-01-05: Our warmest thanks go to Yaroslav Halchenko who has taken over the maintenance of the Debian package for Lush.

2006-09-07: version 1.2.1 is out!

2005-01-18: A version of Lush compiled for the Sharp Zaurus is available here (no X-window and no dynamic loader support). Our thanks go to Michael Neuroth.

2004-09-18: A new library Support Vector Machine (SVM) and kernel-based methods was added to the CVS version (see lush/packages/svm).

2004-06-13: added support for serial and parallel port in CVS version.

2004-01-24: Problem on Mandrake 9.2/10.0: it seems that the version of GCC distributed with Mandrake Linux (and other distros) has a bug that prevents Lush from running properly. The fix? edit lush/src/Makefile and change the "-O3" by a "-O2" in the line that begins with "OPTS=".

2003-11-15: Version 0.99 is out. Lots of bug fixes, new libraries, improved documentation, Cygwin compatibility, support for communication and control of remote Lush processes, package for quadratic programming (svpq.lsh), joystick support, optional support for MPI (message passing interface for parallel programming), and a simple GUI tool for neural net building and training (sn28). A new "contrib" directory was added. It contains Simon Anders's sparse matrix classes.

2003-02-19: Rejoice, rejoice! Thanks to Leon, the CVS version now compiles and runs on Windoze under Cygwin. Be sure to read the README.cygwin before installing. What works: the interpreter, the compiler, the dynamic loader, X11 graphics and events. What doesn't (yet) work: external packages such as GSL, SDL, OpenGL....

2003-02-04: Lush 0.97 is released! This version has: a pre-tokenized environment which makes the startup sequence very quick; much improved scripting capabilities; a demos directory with executable demo scripts; initial versions of opencv (computer vision package), torch (machine learning library), inventor (3D scene graph rendering), and libdc (firewire frame grabbing).

2003-01-29: many changes in the CVS version: pre-tokenized environment makes startup very fast; much improved scripting capability (the standard environment is now loaded by default); added self-executable demos; added initial versions of opencv, torch, and inventor interfaces; updated handling of destructors in compiled code; release 0.97 is coming soon.

2003-01-07: Lush 0.96 is released!. A huge amount of stuff has been added since version 0.95: comdraw/ivtools graphic driver; gblearn2 machine learning library (including a convolutional neural net training demo); prompt line edition, history, and symbol completion; BSD support; updated video grabbing library; and numerous bug fixes and documentation updates

2002-11-07: The comdraw/ivtools graphic driver is in the CVS! This wonderful thing, written be Secil Ugurel, allows to pipe Lush graphic commands to comdraw. Comdraw is a graphic/drawing editor distributed as part of the ivtools package (available at With this, Lush-generated graphics are instantaneously editable!

2002-11-04: Leon added readline support to the CVS version. This provides Lush with prompt-line editing, history, symbol and filename completion, etc, without having to run Lush within Emacs.

2002-11-03: Lush 0.95 is released!. Get it and report any problem you find to the bug tracker so we can converge quickly to a 1.0 release.

2002-10-24: ALSA, audiofile, and OpenCV are in the CVS. We need a couple juicy demos and sample code for those.

2002-10-17: We are very close to a first release (v0.9). This first version may come without some of the packages (e.g. Torch). These packages are essentially ready (thanks Jie!), but they need a couple more weeks of work. When they are ready, we will release version 1.0.

2002-10-16: no release yet, but everything is in place for it. Get a CVS snapshot if you are in a hurry.

2002-10-16: the Lush web site is up!

2002-10-11: Jie has been working on an interface to the Python API and to the JavaVM API. With these, you will be able to call Python and Java from Lush.

2002-10-10: We have almost completed a graphic driver that will send Lush graphic commands to comdraw (part of the IVtools package). This will let Lush users generate editable graphics. Being able to edit graphics produced by Lush is a very useful feature when preparing publications or reports.

2002-10-09: We are working on a new set of plotting functions. The ones currently included in the CVS are very old, and very outdated. Suggestions for features are welcome.

2002-10-08: We committed a brand new documentation system and browsing tool. Like the old system, this new system allows to include documentation in the source files or in separate documentation files. Unlike the old system it uses a syntax that looks like a mixture of HTML and pseudo-lisp. on-screen help, HTML, and LateX can be generated from this format.