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Help Wanted: The Lush team is looking for developers and members.

[this section is under construction]

Projects Looking for Volunteers

Noone is working on those projects at the moment, but it would be nice is someone did...
port Lush to Windoze/Cygwin ******
write a graphical model (belief network) library ****
write a DSP library (filters, LPC ...) ******
intervace SVDPACK or SVDPACKC (sparse SVD) ****
write a parser/translator to automagically generate Lush bindings from C/C++ header files. ********
interface VTK Visualization ToolKit *****

Things we are working on

short term

  • add some juicy demos for OpenRM, HTK, Torch, OpenCV
  • complete the integration of OpenRM and Torch.
  • Rewrite the plotting functions (Secil is working on that).
  • integrate Secil's ivtool/comdraw graphic driver.
  • add demos of LeNet and various other learning algorithms

medium term

  • rewrite and simplify the gblearning package

long term

  • rewrite the compiler so that it can allow dynamic allocation and garbage collection if necessary.
  • rewrite the interpreter to use native C/C++ structures for its objects.